Oil Changes in South Attleboro, MA

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Engine oil plays a key role in keeping a vehicle’s engine running smoothly, which is why oil changes are one of the most consistent routine maintenances performed on any vehicle. You should have your engine oil and filter changed every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. An oil change involves draining the broken-down oil from the engine, adding new oil and replacing the engine filter.

While the engine components rub against each other and create friction, engine oil works to keep them cool and lubricated. Over time, engine oil brakes down and collects debris, dust and particles. Because of this, routine oil changes are a major contributor to the smooth-running of your vehicle. You can schedule an oil change in South Attleboro, MA at Kia of Attleboro.  

Does my vehicle really need an oil change?

Routine oil changes are essential to prolonging the life and the health of your vehicle. Engine oil keeps the engine lubricated and cool as components move at high rates, but once the oil breaks down and becomes dusty, it can no longer do its job efficiently, which can lead to the engine overheating. In addition to helping prolong the life of your vehicle, routine oil changes can help increase fuel economy.

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If your car is approaching the 3,000-mile mark that indicates that it needs an oil change, make your way to Kia of Attleboro for an oil change. The service center at Kia of Attleboro has a dedicated and experienced staff that is equipped to provide quality and effective maintenance and service to your vehicle. You can schedule a service appointment online, over the phone or in by visiting Kia of Attleboro.