Tips for Driving on Icy Roads with image of two vehicle driving in a snow storm

Stay safe on icy roads this winter

Tips for Driving on Icy Roads 

Winter can be incredibly beautiful with gorgeous, snowy landscapes, but it can also be incredibly dangerous while driving.  You should always practice safe driving behaviors while on the road.  And to help you out, here are some great tips for driving on icy roads. 

car accident cause by snowy and icy roadsSlow down!  Avoid driving at speeds higher than 45 mph on icy roads. 

Avoid roads with bad driving conditions.  If you hear or see that a road is very icy or hasn’t been plowed, then don’t drive on it, there’s a reason for road condition reports. 

Brake carefully.  Pumping your brakes is a good way to slow your vehicle down on bad roads during the winter.  You should also give yourself enough time and space to stop.  Avoid any hard braking, that can cause you to lose control. 

Accelerate slowly.  If you try to go fast straight out of a stop, your wheels will spin on ice and snow which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. 

Avoid driving up or down a hill.  If you can help it, don’t drive on roads with hills, it’s easy to lose traction and control while traveling up or down a hill and physics can be cruel in icy conditions. 

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crossover skidding in snowIf you start to skid, turn into the slide.  It may go against your common sense, but to actually correct your vehicle when it starts to slide, you should gently steer it into the skid and straighten your wheel as the vehicle starts to go straight again.  You should also NEVER accelerate or brake during a skid as that can cause you to spin out. 

Watch the weather.  It’s simple, just don’t drive when there’s a storm or if the forecast calls for icy conditions. 

Always wear your seat belt!  Now this is common sense and it’s the law. 

Stay in your vehicle.  If you do happen to have an accident because of the icy roads, chances are, someone else will as well.  The best way to stay protected from other vehicles and from the weather is to stay inside your vehicle (unless, of course, it is more dangerous to stay in it).  

Keep your tires maintained.  Tires are vital for your vehicle to have traction and grip on a road.  Your tires should have plenty of tread and be properly inflated at all times, but even more so in the winter.  If you prefer, you can also equip your vehicle with winter tires. 

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