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Car brakes and disc up close

How to Tell When Brakes Need Service

Schedule Brake Service at Kia of Attleboro

Brakes play a crucial role in the performance of any vehicle. Without properly function brakes, driving becomes unsafe and the driver loses control of the vehicle, which is why it is of paramount importance to make sure brakes are working as they should. Luckily for drivers, there are a few symptoms that indicate when brakes should be replaced. Let’s go through how drivers can tell when brakes need to be replaced and how to schedule brake service at Kia of Attleboro below!

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Mechanic using socket wrench on engine of car

Schedule a Transmission Flush near Providence, RI

Can you remember the last time your vehicle had a transmission flush? If it was more than 50,000 miles ago, you should consider checking your vehicle’s transmission fluid. Over time, a vehicle’s transmission fluid breaks down and gets dirty, making it hard for the fluid to properly lubricate and cool the engine. Continue reading below to learn about a few of the symptoms that indicate when it is time for a transmission flush. Then, if your vehicle needs this service near Providence, RI, you can schedule a transmission flush at Kia of Attleboro.

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Oil being poured into engine

Learn which fluids to regularly check in your Kia!

Which fluids should I check in my Kia?

Many car owners are afraid of something going wrong with a component of their vehicle that results in the need for an expensive repair. One way all drivers can work to prevent issues with a vehicle is by regularly checking fluids and replenishing them if necessary. Are you wondering which fluids to check in your vehicle? Continue reading below to learn more!

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Car tire in snow

Learn About 15 Things to Keep in Your Vehicle During Winter

15 Things To Pack in Winter Car Emergency Kit

Winter is coming, and all we can do is prepare for it. There are 10 things all drivers should have in their vehicles at all times, just in case they end up slipping on black ice and end up in a ditch or wind up in some other type of emergency situation. We’ve provided a list of 10 things all drivers should pack in their car emergency kit during the winter months.

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Mechanic holding drill with car tires in background

Video: How to Tell When Automatic Transmission Needs Service

The transmission performs a very important role in the engine. It handles shifting from one gear to the next while the vehicle accelerates and decelerates. When a transmission goes out, repairs are expensive. Are you wondering how to tell if your transmission is going out? Watch a video from expert mechanic Scotty Kilmer to learn how to identify a problem with an automatic transmission.

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Mechanic working under car

How to Identify When Muffler and Exhaust Need Service

Schedule Muffler & Exhaust Service near Providence, RI

The exhaust and muffler play an important role in the proper function of any vehicle. The exhaust is a series of pipes moves the gas produced by the engine from the front of the vehicle to the muffler at the rear of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the muffler works to mute the sound of the engine and exhaust.

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